Hot sauce reviews

The use of hot sauces is growing exponentially around the world. With this trend, it is now possible to find a great variety of sauces online, in supermarkets and in specialty stores. Some are meant for a laugh, others are gimmicks that will blow your socks off. Sadly too, some will just be bad!!! Best of all though is that sometimes you can find a sauce that is simply there because it tastes good.

To find the gems among the good, the bad and the ugly we aim to taste sauces from all around the world to give an honest opinion as to what we think about them. If you have a particular sauce that you would like us to review, please let us have the details and we would happy to oblige

The following reviews are the start of the quest to find the great ones

Mahi Bhut Jolokia sauce

Tan Rosie’s garlic and pepper sauce

Dragon slayer Chilli sauce

Schoolyard Chillies

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