Ghanaian Sweet Chilli sauce review

Ghanaian Sweet Chilli sauce has a great taste but also has a great story. It is made by a social enterprise  that has the welfare of Ghanaian school children at heart. These great people ensure that Ghanaian Chilli farmers are given seeds, paid a fair price for their Chillies and given access to  agricultural education. In return the farmers need to commit to the condition  that no school children are taken from school to work on their farms.

In doing so, the children are given a better chance of getting an education and thus a way of escaping the extreme poverty that would otherwise have awaited  them.

The Chillies  are  exported to Scotland where they are turned  into fine Chilli sauces  by expert Scottish artisan producers. These guys certainly  are right up there with the best.

Using my three rating system I arrived at the the following scores for an overall rating of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5 points

Ghanaian Sweet chilli sauce
Made by Schoolyard Chillies





Whilst referred to as a sweet Chilli sauce, I did not find it unduly sweet. The sauce  is a perfect combination of salty and  sweet and sour notes, with a pleasant bite in the background from the Chillies. Ghanaian Sweet Chilli sauce goes very well with steaks, chicken, cheese, eggs and hamburgers. It is also great as a dipping sauce.

Whilst not scoring 100% in each category,  in my opinion , it deserves an overall score of top marks

Certainly worth buying