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Recipes with Chillies

Cooking with Chillies When it comes to cooking with Chillies, stating there is a wealth of recipes to do this is no exaggeration. Because they have been eaten by millions of people every day for hundreds of years, dishes using Chillies have over time been discovered, developed and refined to some of the best available… Read More

Health benefits of Chilllies

Health benefits of Chilllies

[wpseo_breadcrumb] Chillies are good for us Besides being an awesome spice, Chillies are also good for us, with great health benefits.  They are loaded with vitamins and other compounds essential to our good health and well-being. One of the key elements of the Chilli that gives it its health-giving properties is a substance called capsaicin.… Read More

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Growing Chillies

Growing Chillies is fun Growing Chillies is one of those hobbies that is hard to tire of.  There is always something  new to learn. Be it trying out new varieties or experimenting with different growing mediums,  Chilli  growing is great fun and personally rewarding. There is just something about watching Chilli seeds bursting into life and… Read More

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History of the Chilli

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Chilli varieties from A to Z.


Drinks with Chillies

Drinks with Chillies

Cheers You will be surprised how adding just a little Chilli to your favourite drink gives it just a bit of “Je ne sais quois”. One would think, “Okay, that works with drinks with a savoury theme”, but what about the rest?  No problem, Chillies are so versatile that they can be combined with wines… Read More