Its alive Scotch bonnet hot sauce

If you are looking for a reliable hot sauce that everyone in the family will enjoy, Its alive Scotch bonnet hot sauce  could be it. It has a pleasant sweet flavour with a nice bite.  Scotch bonnets, coupled with fermented capsicums  ( sweet peppers)  cider vinegar, sugar, garlic, and onion. Round this off with the tang and acidity, only the fermentation can add, and there you have it. The essence of the sauce in a nutshell

Its alive Scotch bonnet fermented hot sauce is good without being super special. A comparison could be drawn between this sauce and Tabasco. The Scotch bonnet fermented hot sauce is, however, sweeter than the former. Bar this, this sauce’s uses are similar to that of Tabasco. I have used it on  smoked Basa fillets,  eggs, kippers, Feijoada (a Brazilian stew) and soups. I could imagine it would also work well to spice drinks like Bloody Marys, and also with cheesy pasta dishes.

I must say, as on overall opinion, I quite enjoy this fermented hot sauce. It is a good safe pair of hands when it comes to sauces of this type. It certainly won’t let you down when it comes to friends and family. They are sure to like it. The fact that it is fermented definitely adds another tick in the box. There has recently been a resurgence of interest  in this healthy preservation method that has been used for thousands of years. Not only is it a great way of adding flavour to food,  but is also very healthy. It certainly adds great flavour to hot sauces

Final score

So, where does this sauce rate in comparison to others? In my opinion certainly above  middle of the road. Using my three category assessment method, I judge this sauce three out of a maximum of five points. Its flavour is good, so I rate that at three out of five. The bottle is attractive . I place that at three out of five. Its heat level is good, so that also gets three out of ten.




Key to ratings

A full score of five stars rates the product as excellent. Four Stars means the product is assessed as being very good .  If a rating of three stars is given the product is considered only good. Any rating between two and three considers the sauce to be average. If a sauce scores below two, it would definitely be considered to be below average to just plain  bad .