La Saucy Salsa Scotch Bonnet sauce

When I tasted La Saucy Salsa Scotch Bonnet sauce at a food show a week ago or so, I knew it was something special. There was something about it that was just different and yummy. However, while I understood the yummy part (it is really delicious), I couldn’t quite understand why it was so different. I needed to dig a bit deeper to work that outLa Saucy Salsa Scotch Bonnet sauce

¬†Besides having gluten – free bread crumbs added to it (which gives the sauce a great texture), it also has an unusual flavour. At first, my reaction was that it tasted like curry. I thought that the cumin seeds it contained were giving it that note. But I wasn’t wholly convinced I was right. Instead, it reminded me of something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

However, this morning, when I had La Saucy Scotch Bonnet sauce with beef liver pate on bread for breakfast, it finally struck me. This Chilli sauce tastes a bit like Mango Achar. Not full-on, but just enough to remind you of that particular flavour. You have the great taste of sweet peppers and Scotch Bonnet Chillies expertly blended with olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic and just a hint of cumin in the background. This combination gives it a flavour that is to die for. It is fabulous with cheese, pates and simply as a dip. I can also imagine it would go well with fried chicken. fish and whole bunch of other things

Final score

Based on my assessment of the three factors I use to assess Chilli sauces, I give La Saucy Salsa Scotch Bonnet sauce full marks. It tastes great, its packaging is attractive, and its heat level is just right. It is a winner, and certainly something that needs to be tried. It gets my unreserved endorsement




Key to ratings

A full score of five stars rates the product as excellent. Four Stars means the product is assessed as being very good.  If a rating of three stars is given,  he product is considered only good. Any rating between two and three considers the sauce to be average. If a sauce scores below two, it would definitely be considered below average to just plain bad.


While La Saucy Salsa provided a sample of this sauce for this review, my assessment is based solely on my own unsolicited opinion.