Where Chillies are used

Hot sauces and other. Chilli relishes, Chilli flake, Chilli powders, Chilli oils, Chilli vinegar

Their main uses

Ask most people what the first thing is that comes to mind when you mention Chillies. I am pretty sure they will say hot. In other words, the burning sensation we might feel in our mouths when we eat them. A secondary vision might be of a Chilli itself, or even maybe a bottle of hot sauce. That's pretty normal, I would say.

Now, as an experiment, next time you are in a supermarket, think Chillies. All of a sudden, they will be everywhere. You will find them in Fruit and Veg, frozen foods, the drinks section,  ice cream fridges, the snacks section, and the ready meal counter. And that's not even looking at the spice shelf!    Chillies are all over the place and are becoming more popular every day.

Chilli sauces in particular are growing. Indeed, reports suggest that while normal table sauces like ketchup are falling in volume, Chilli sauces are showing growth. Sweet Chilli sauces seem to be the ones gaining ground rapidly.

So if you were to ask just exactly where they are used when not being added fresh to say a curry or being stuffed, what would the answers be?  There are many uses. How about these?

There are literally thousands of hot sauces in this world. Besides the branded products, which come in every shape or form and pungency imaginable, There are also recipes for many homemade hot sauces. Just about every country in the world has a recipe for at least one hot sauce they call their own. Examples include Sriracha from Thailand, Piri- Piri from Portugal, Frank's red-hot sauce from the USA, and Zhoug from Yemen.

Cook in sauces

This is an area that has seen a tremendous rate of growth. You can find Indian, Thai, Chinese and Mexican sauces with Chilli with no trouble at all.  All you need to do is look in the supermarket,   speciality stores and online.   Curry cook in sauces, Thai red curry, Enchilada sauce from Mexico, and Chinese plum sauce. , illustrate the types of sauces available.


While not yet as well-known as hot sauces or BBQ rubs, jams with Chilli are starting to get a fan base of their own. Just type "buy Chilli Jam" into a search engine, and you will be given a whole bunch of choices. How about Chill Jam with bacon, lime and coriander jam, Jalapeno jam or Chilli Marmalade (to name but a few)? Typing in Chilli Jam recipes will yield just as much choice

Powders and FlakesHot sauces and other. Chilli powder and flakes

Fancy a little grinder with Chillies to grind over your eggs or cheese?  No problem.  How about some curry powder to add to your favourite homemade Vindaloo?  We have you covered. Flakes and powders are available in just about every strength, colour, fineness, coarseness or smoky flavour you want. The choice is endless

In some countries, people use so much Chilli  powders and flakes that it pays them to go to the spice market. Here, spice merchants will sell you whatever you want by the  measure. They scoop whatever you want into a bag, and then weight it to determine the cost. Most will even make a mix of spices for dishes like curries or tagines according to your requirements.

Barbeque Rubs

Many BBQ rubs have Chillies as an ingredient. All you have to do is think Peri- Peri, Jamaican jerk, Chipotle or Cajun rub, and you've got it figured. Once again, many of these are branded. However, for every avid BBQ  fan, there is someone who has their unique blend that only they have the recipe for know (and won't be sharing soon)!

Final thought

That's not even scratching the surface.!   What about curry powders, chutneys, pastes. relishes, oils, vinegar and pickles? 

Who's only thinking burning now?


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