Recipes from the USA


Recipes from the USA . Spicy chicken wings

Chilis. Chiles or peppers?

Chillies as they are called in (among other countries) the United Kingdom,  Australia and South Africa, go by a multitude of different names in the USA.  They are called    Chili peppers, hot peppers, peppers and Chiles  in various parts of the country. The term Chiles  is used  more by the Hispanic part of the population. Even though they might have different names they all have one thing in common. Chillies are  adored by the people of the United States.

In America, few rubs, dips, appetisers, and dishes like beef Chili go without Chili flakes or at the very minimum a dash of hot sauce.  Chillies and products using Chillies is widespread and very much a part of American cuisine. This section  features  various recipes from the USA. that use Chillies.


Recipes from the USA

Chilli dogs
Chili con carne
Beef Chili