Chilli varieties from A to Z

It is just amazing just how many different types of Chillies there are in this world. The variety of colours, shapes, sizes and heat intensities  seem almost endless. Indeed, there are chillies to cover every single letter in the alphabet - from African Birds-eye ( red Chilli with an intense heat ) to Zavory ( Habenero with a mild taste). This section aims to cover all the Chillies found in the world. If you have a suggestion of a Chilli you would like to be shown, we'd love to hear from you. Enjoy

African devil
Indian green Chilllies
Malageuta Chilli
Banana Chilli
Fresno Chilli
Numex Easter
Carolina reaper
Ghost pepper
Kanthari Malaku
Orange Habanero
Dedo de moça
Lemon drop Chilli
Padrón Chilli
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