Variagata Chilli

A purple tiger

The Variagata Chilli,(also known as a Purple Tiger or Trifetti) has variegated leaves.  Variegated plants  have foliage that has different colours or marks.  The variegated Chiilies leaves are mottled  with patches of white, green and purple. It is from this combination of colours that the plant gets its Trifetti name. Trifetti in Italian means “three-way”. Similarly, Variegata  is Italian for “ varied.”

While Variagata is an ornamental Chilli. it certainly as a dwarf variety. They can grow to up to three feet. However , by restricting the size of the  pot that they are grown in, it is   possible to control  how tall they will  grow. They will adapt their height to their growing environment. In small 4 inch post they will grow to about 12 inches. At this size, they make beautiful houseplants .

The  Variagata Chilli  belongs to Capsicum  annuum species. There  is a misconception that this class only lasts a year.  Thus the reference to annuum or annual .

This, however, is not the case at all. They are in fact perennials that can be easily kept alive through many winters. Their natural habitat is tropical. In this environment they thrive and come back year after year. If they are not subjected to too much cold in winter they will survive. Indeed, they will survive and prosper for many a season to come.

The plant has purple stems and produces purple flowers when mature. When the plants set fruit. It produces one inch by half an inch wide red to purple to coloured Chillies. They have a Scoville rating of about 5000 SHU. The fruit can also sometimes be stripped, making them even more beautiful. The colour of the Chillies makes them attractive in salads. They may also be used in any other cookingin the same way as other eating  Chillies are used

Variagata Chillies are easy to grow and produce lots of fruit. They take about 100 days for potting on to set fruit.

It is thought that the Variagata originated in the Amazon basin, but other sources give its origin as being the USA.

The Variegata This certainly is  a plant that you  will want to add to your Chilli growing list.

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