Dedo de moça

Viva Brazil

Essential in Brazilian cuisine, the Dedo de Moça is a Chilli with a wonderful flavour. This Chilli is used in both fresh and dried format. In its dried format, it is known as Calabresa pepper.  With a Scoville rating of between 10000 and 15000, it is by no means scorching.  Rather, it provides just the hint of heat that some chilli lovers prefer.

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Dedo de moça

Its mild and complex smoky flavour imparts a great taste to Brazilian dishes like Moqueca de peixe com camarão  (Brazilian fish and prawn stew), Feijoada (Pork, bean and sausage stew) and Camarões e pimenta (prawns with chillies). The flavours of these foods, which all have a special place in Brazilian history, are outstanding.

The Dedo de Moça can reach a height of 1 meter in height and 60 cm in width. This makes it quite a big plant! The pods are similar in shape to the Lemon Drop chilli  (pointed conical Pendant). However, instead of maturing to a yellow colour, begin green and then cycle through yellow and orange to finally turn a deep red. Its pods are 6-8 cm in length.

Many Aji chillies, which both the Lemon drop and Dedo de moça are part of the Capsicum baccatum species. This species has its origin in Peru, where Chillies have been domestically cultivated for thousands of years. With such a long history, it is no wonder that the Dedo de Moça has developed into the gem that it is.

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