Wheat Flour Tortillas

Pressing the tortillas

Making wheat flour tortillas uses the same procedure as with corn tortillas to press the dough balls into tortillas and for cooking them ( see here ). The main difference is how the dough is made. To make the dough you fist need to mix the dry ingredients together . You then need to mix  lard to the  flour with your fingers until it resembles cornmeal. You then add the water and start kneading the dough until it reaches a play-dough consistency. It should be proved in the same way as the corn flour tortillas for twenty to thirty minutes while covered with a damp kitchen towel.

Wheat tortillas will only stay fresh for about seven days at room temperature. To keep your wheat tortillas fresh for as long as possible store them in the refrigerator. They will keep for up to four weeks if kept in a closed container or wrapped in aluminium foils . From there they can be reheated as needed  either by microwave, in a pan or in the oven. Wheat tortillas can also be frozen successfully for up to six months.

Freshly coked  tortillas are unbeatable in  recipes calling for them . The freshness of the tortilla will always add an extra special element to say a Taco or any of  your other favourite Mexican foods. Tortillas are also good when used in Indian food. They are very similar to rotis/ chapattis.


The ingredients required to make twenty-four tortillas are as follows

  • All purpose wheat flour – four cups
  • Baking powder – two teaspoons
  • Salt – one teaspoon
  • Water – one and a half cups


Besides being used in dishes like those mentioned above Tortillas can also be fried to be served with dips like Guacamole, Salsa and spicy queso dip .  Stale tortillas can be used to make Chilaquiles ( a casserole with tortillas, salsa Verde, eggs and cheese),  in soups , for making Migas ( eggs, tomatoes  and torn tortillas)  and Heuvos Rancheros

Corn Flour Tortillas