Recipes from Mexico

Few countries in the world use so many different varieties of Chillies in their cooking as the Mexicans. They also use them in probably every conceivable way.  Chillies are made into hot sauces, stuffed, with beans. meat and a multitude of  other different ways (see more). In this section with recipes from Mexico , we will explore the use of Chillies in Mexican cooking

Recipes from Mexico

Let's make tortillas

Recipes from Mexico. Making tortillas

Making tortillas

Many recipes with Chillies are made with tortillas.  Mexican dishes like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and Fajitas all call for Chillies and tortillas.   Making tortillas at home is really easy. What's more, once you have made your own, you will never want Recipes from Mexico. Scrambled eggs with tortillasto eat store-bought tortillas again. They are a thousand times better

Tortillas can be made from either corn flour or wheat flour.  While all-purpose flour can be used in wheat flour tortillas, the cornflour variety needs special flour. The flour used for cornflour tortillas is called instant masa corn flour ( also known as masa farina). It is different from ordinary cornflour in that it has been previously cooked

Tortillas can be made without any special equipment, but having a tortilla press and a large cast-iron makes them a lot easier. Over and  above this, all you will need is some thick plastic and a pair of scissors to cut it into disks . Cling film can also be used but using cut out plastic disks makes things so much  easier.

The method for making corn or wheat flour tortillas is very much the same. The only difference is  in the ingredients.  Why not try our recipes by clicking on the links ?