Where did BBQ originate?

Barbequing with the Chilli


When considering how many barbeque rubs, basting sauces and marinades have Chillies in them, it should not be surprising that Chillies and Barbeques make a great partnership.  Indeed, but even more so than simply tasting good together. They are, in fact, linked historically.

The name for barbeque originated from “barbacoa, a word from the language of the Taino Indians of the Caribbean. It was the Taino Indians who first brought Chillies from South America to the West Indies.

When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1492, he encountered the Taino Indians and was introduced to the Chilli. When he returned to Spain, he took some Chillies with him.  As we know, it was from there that they began making their way around the world.

Many don’t know, though; it was also the Spanish that brought back the word barbacoa with them. It originally referred to a wooden structure that the Taino Indians used to smoke their food in. The idea was taken back to Spain but over time was changed to mean the method of cooking the food, rather than a cooking structure. Anglicisation of the word meant it finally became the word we know today - barbeque.

Barbequing with the Chilli

Ideas for the perfect barbeque

Now that we have the history, our next barbeque with the Chilli will now include some great food, but also an interesting story to tell with it.

Here are some great ideas for the perfect BBQ.

Good barbequing is always about using your imagination to make things different. Barbequing with Chillies makes this easy. Even if you just want to barbecue a couple of hamburgers, using a spicy cheese or making a spicy mayo to serve on top of the lettuce in the bun will make your BBQ something special. The possibilities are limitless.

Enjoy your BBQ.


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How Chillies and BBQ are linked














How Chillies and BBQ are linked