Rijsttafel pickles and condiments

Theme evening with chillies. Sambals

Indonesian sambals & pickles

Risttafels are accompanied by many condiments , pickles, chutneys and relishes  Many of these are made with Chillies combined with shrimp paste , garlic, lemongrass, scallion, lime juice and palm sugar. These relishes are called sambals in Indonesia.


A type of pickle made with various combinations of vegetables, with Chillies, vinegar. Kaffir limes and peanuts  Dried Chillies may also be added.

Sambal Badjak

A spicy dipping sauce. Sambal Bajak is made from tomatoes, chillies, tamarind, shrimp paste, garlic, lemon juice and sugar

Sambal Oelek

Sambal Oelek is a very pungent relish made with a lot of Chillies, garlic, lemon grass , ginger , limes, shrimp paste  vinegar and sugar.  The ingredients used in this relish are used in many other sambals that can be served with Rijsttafel

Other example of  sambals include Sambal Terasi and Sambal Bawang

Rijsttafel vegetable dishes