Rijsttafel vegetable dishes

Theme meals with Chillies. Rijsttafel. Vegetables


Vegetables are widely used in Rijsttafel. They are often  combined with Tofu and Tempeh in salads like Rujak Sayur and vegetable dishes like Gado Gado.

Gado Gado

Vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, and cumber  with  Chillies, eggs, tofu and beansprouts  in a spicy peanut sauce

Sambal Goreng kering

Spicy fried potatoes with Chillies, shallots, lemongrass,  garlic, chillies. Lime juice , kaffir lime leaf and sugar

Rujak Sayur

Rujak Sayur is made  with vegetables like bean sprouts, lettuce, spinach cucumbers that are  combined with Tempeh and Tofu and spicy peanut sauce made with Chillies, tamarind paste, shrimp, palm sugar and other ingredients

In conclusion

And the list goes on. Other spicy Rijstatafel dishes include Telur Bumbu Bali ( Chicken and whole egg in a spicy sauce from Bali)  , Telur balado ( boiled eggs in  chilli sauce)  and Sate Babi ( Grilled skewered pork with a spicy peanut sauce).  The rices can be simple steamed  white rice  or  fried rices like Nasi Goreng

Okay, this will be a lot of work , but Theme meals with Chillies don't  get better. than this one. The food is very tasty and it is fun to eat.  With so  much variety there is little chance that your guests will find the food boring. Once you see how much this meal is being enjoyed by your family and friends , all the effort would have been worth while

Rijsttafel pickles and condiments