La Saucy Salsa Paprika

This sauce has an interesting background. It was created through a fusion of influences from the Canary Islands and Andalusia in Spain.  The influence of the Canary Islands is particularly noticeable, as its ingredients are remarkably like a sauce found there called Mojo Picon. Both these sauces combine olive oil, garlic, breadcrumbs, vinegar, cumin, Chillies and paprika for great tasting flavour.

I have made Mojo Pico using the ingredients above, but was not able to achieve the depth of flavour that the La Salsa Paprika sauce provides.  It became quite clear that this was not simply Mojo Picon. Its ingredients may lean in that direction, but there is something about it that gives it another dimension. It is obvious the sauce has been made to a recipe that has been perfected over time.

Indeed, the makers of La Saucy Salsa are proud that this and their other sauces are from family recipes  based on mojos  from the Canary Islands and salsas (sauces) from Andalusia. The recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Over time, the recipes were fused together in the United Kingdom and came to be the La Saucy concept. And what a concept it is too

I think many people will enjoy this sauce with pates, cheese, and cold meats. I think it would also be great if used to make a Canary Islands speciality called Papas arrugadas con mojo. The dish consists of salted boiled potatoes that are served with Mojo Picon


Based on my assessment of the three factors I use to assess Chilli sauces, I give La Saucy Salsa Paprika a slightly lower rating than their Scotch Bonnet sauce. (This is a sauce from the same company I reviewed earlier in the year. I gave their Scotch bonnet sauce top marks of five out of five for each category.) I must mark it down slightly, because the heat level wasn’t to my liking. I found it too mild. As far as the other two factors are concerned, I have no problem awarding them the maximum points. The sauce’s overall rating is very good.




Key to ratings

A full score of five stars rates the product as excellent. Four stars means the product is assessed as being very good.  If a rating of three stars is given, the product is considered only good. Any rating between two and three considers the sauce average. If a sauce scores below two, it would definitely be considered below average to just plain bad.


While La Saucy Salsa provided a sample of this sauce for this review, my assessment is based solely on my own unsolicited opinion.