What size should my Chillies be?

The size of Chilli plants

A question you might be asking yourself after faithfully tending your seedlings since you planted them in January is what size they should be at this time of the year

The height of chili plants can vary depending on several factors, including the variety of Chili, the growing conditions, and the age of the plant. However, in the UK, at this time of the year (April), Chilli plants are typically around 10-30 centimetres (4-12 inches) tall if they were started from seed in January or FebruaryTime to go outside Chilli plantss

Varieties that grow very large include Rocotos and Dorset Nagas. In the case of Rocotos , they are know n to grow up to thirteen feet in height, similarly a Dorset Naga ( Nigel )  grown by Joy and Michael Michaud at their nursery in Dorset in the UK  grew to the same height. Some Rocotos varieties grow even taller in the wild.

As a general ruler most taller Chillies grow to about 1.3 metres tall (just over four foot) . Chillies that fall into this category in include Aji Amarillos, Aji Limons and Serranos.  Medium size Chillies like Jalapenos and Cayenne and Scotch bonnets grow to about 90 centimetres (about three feet) . Smaller home-grown Chillies usually fall within the 30-to-sixty-centimetre range (one to two feet)

If you purchased a young Chilli plant from a nursery or garden centre, your plants may be slightly taller at this time of the year, depending on how long they have  been growing. If you started your Chilli plants from seed later in the season, they may be shorter than 10 centimetres (4 inches).

It’s worth noting that chili plants can grow quite quickly, especially in warm and sunny conditions. Growth normally starts accelerating towards the end of May when the weather starts becoming warmer.

If you continue to care for your chili plants with proper watering, fertilizing, and sunlight, they should continue to grow throughout the growing season.

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