Rijsttafel seafood dishes

Theme meals with Chillies. Rijsttafel, Seafood

Spicy  seafood

Seafood is an important ingredient in Risttafels, with dishes being made with scallops,  fish, prawns, squid and lobster.  High end Rijsttafels  may include dishes like Udang Bakar Madu  ( prawns  in a sweet Chili sauce ) and  Kerang Dara Saus Padang  ( clams in spicy peanut sauce).

Balado Tempeh dan Udang

Balado means " cooked in Chillli sauce"  . This side dish consists of prawns and tempeh being cooked in a spicy sauce made with shallots, chillies, turmeric, garlic and ginger

Cumi Saus Padang

Stir fried Squid in a spicy sauce made with Chillies, lime juice, garlic, ginger  onions, turmeric leaves , sour  mangosteen, and lemon grass. A great recipe for this dish can be found on Reddit

Sate Lilit.

The word lilit means "wrap around". This popular dish from Bali is made with minced fish  with lemongrass, coconut, ginger garlic, chillies and shallots grilled on skewers. ( It  may also be made with minced chicken, pork or beef) .   Find a  fantastic recipe on the What to cook today website


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