What are Americas spiciest foods?

Recipes from the USA with Chillies. Americas favourite spicy food

The USA  loves its Chillies

America is a country that loves its Chillies. Go to a farmers market, and you are sure to find someone selling Chillies, from the very hottest to mild varieties like Jalapenos. Most supermarkets have a great selection of hot sauces, BBQ rubs and, pickled Chillies Indeed, some supermarkets dedicate whole isles to hot sauces alone.Recipes from the USA. Buffalo wings They are that popular. And that's not even taking the fresh Chillies in their fruit and vegetable sections into account.

So where besides at the ever-popular barbeques do Chillies get used in American cooking ? In an article by CCN Travel – American food – the 50 greatest dishes now fewer than thirteen dishes with Chillies feature. At the top of the list of spicy food foods on the list is Nachos.  Nachos are followed in order of ranking by Pizza, Green Chile Stew, Po Boys, Frito pie, barbeque ribs, Buffalo wings, Enchiladas,  Jambalaya, Fajitas and, Jerky. he top of  CNN of America's favourite food  list was  Thanksgiving. Even Thanksgiving can have spicy dishes with Chillies like Spicy scalloped sweet potato ,  Mango-Habanero Glazed Ham and  spicy green bean casserole.  

Other foods that appear on the list that do not traditionally have Chillies in them. These dishes may have spicy variations . These dishes are fried chicken, hot dogs,  meatloaf, spicy grits, Mac and Cheese and cheeseburgers.

A final note

That's not even counting the other favourite foods in the USA that don't appear on the list.  Dishes like Chili, Chili con carne, Burritos, Quesadillas  tacos , devilled eggs and  Jalapeno poppers,  ( to name but a few ) all are made with Chillies. There are many more recipes  from the USA  for dishes  made with Chillies.

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