Making sausages at home

Guide lines and tips for making sausages with Chillies at home

Guidelines to making sausages

You will be amazed just how many recipes there are to make sausages. Even more impressive is just how many of these are spicy. More and more Chillies are being used in sausages.   Even previously unheard-of practice, like adding Chillies to pork bangers or hot dogs are now commonplace.Basic guide lines for making sausages with Chillies

Making sausages is a lot easier than it sounds, and once you get into making your own, you will never stop. It's great fun. However, to have a reasonable chance of success at sausage making, the following needs to be considered:

Foremost, while it is not necessary to have a mincer or sausage stuffer to make sausages, not having them will complicate things. It is possible to buy already minced meat and use a piping bag to stuff it into casings. Doing so, however, is absolutely no fun. The sausages get too much filling (or too little) and it is generally very tricky and messy. .

It's far better to invest in a combined mincer/stuffer or to buy each piece separately. They are not that expensive. What's more, it will be one of the best investments you make. Not only will you save money (home-made sausages are far cheaper), but you will also have the ability to make a product that will look really good.

Dried sausages with Chillies

Top tips

To improve your chances of success follow these tips. These tips can make a difference if you want great sausages.

  • Always use the freshest meat you can buy. Don't get caught in using meat that is past its best. It's just not worth it.
  • Many sausages, including Boerewors and Merguez, benefit from having a high-fat content. Aim towards a fat to meat ratio content of about fifteen percent. Anything less, and your sausages will be dry when they get cooked.Great tips for making sausages at home with Chillies
  • Always make sure the meat you are using for making sausages is well chilled before mincing it. Slightly frozen meat is a lot easier to mince
  • If using natural casings, soak them overnight in water. Soaking the sausages will remove the salt in which they are preserved. Rinse them the next day in freshwater. Place the casings into lukewarm water 30 minutes before beginning stuffing
  • Add the spices, salt, and any wine or vinegar to the meat prior to mincing. This will ensure everything is well distributed through the sausage
  • Do not overstuff the sausages with too much filling. You will need to tie them into links, but also if they are overfilled, they will burst when you cook them. You don't want all precious flavour  spilling into the pan. Try and keep it in sausage
  • Vaccum pack any sausages you do not intend eating within a couple of days for freezing. Sausages freeze well for six to eight months.

If you have read these guidelines. You are ready to go. It's time to start making sausages.  Find the recipe you want to use, grind your meat and add the spices.  From here, you can begin stuffing the casings. Soon you will be tasting your fine sausages. It will be a great moment.