Making home-made Chilli oils


Home-made Chilli oils

Nothing adds more flavour to dishes like pizza, pasta, wontons, fried eggs and seafood ( to name a few) than a couple of drops of Chilli oil.  What's more, making Chilli oils at home couldn't be easier

Making these oils, irrespective of the country, or the different ingredients used is basically the same. Chillies and oil are heated, so that essential oils are released and become infused into the oil. This process also changes the hue of the oil to take on the colour of the Chillies used .

Countries that are known for their Chilli oils are China, Japan, Portugal, Thailand, Korea and ItalyThis section aims to cover all the Chilli oils found in the mentioned countries and many more.

Recipes for Chilli oils

Basic Chilli oil
Peri - Peri oil
Italian Chilli oil

How are Chilli oils used?

Uses for  Chilli oil

Chilli oil is very versatile. It is one of those ingredients you can have in your kitchen that will never go to waste.  A splash here, a bit there and the next minute, you have a whole lot of flavour.

So just how would you use your home-made Chilli oils?


Use a combination of Chilli oil and other vegetable oils to stir-fry your vegetables, noodles, rice, meat, poultry or other stir-fry ingredients. Great examples of stir fries which can be made with Chilli oil include Nasi Goreng from Indonesia and spicy fried rice from China. If you like it really spicy, use the Chilli oil on its own.  Add a sprinkling of Chilli flakes for even more flavour

Eggs and omelettes.

Fry eggs in Chilli oil for a spicy breakfast. Your favourite omelette can be given a nice bite by adding some Chilli oil to butter when making them.  Spicy breakfast omelettes are a great breakfast or brunch dish that can be made using this idea.


Fry your onions, garlic, ginger, spices and onions in Chilli oil to create a fantastic  base for your favourite curry. For added flavour, fry fresh Chillies at the same time before adding your tomatoes and  other ingredients.


Chilli oil and seafood are one of those perfect  combinations.  Use it to make dishes like Peri - Peri  prawns, scallops and fried fish. it is also great with squid, raw fish, and spicy seafood  soup an stews  like Malysian Laksa, Brazilian Moqueca de peixe com camarão and Tom yum goong from Thailand.

Pasta and noodles

Nothing benefits more from a splash of Chilli oil than pasta and noodles. Add Chilli oil to freshly cooked spaghetti or rice noodles. It can be eaten just as it is, but adding a bit of cheese like parmesan will give it even more flavour.  Noodles are also great stir-fried in Chilli oils. Add a dash to Lasagne, Penne and Pappardelle . Finally, don't forget to use it to make your Arrabbiata sauce. 

Pizzas, calzones and Georgian khatchapuri.

Cheese and Chilli oil are a fantastic match. Nothing beats a dash of Chilli oil on a combination of cheese and pastry. This combination is great on its own, but you can also combine it with other ingredients to add even more flavour. Try Chilli oil on this great tasting vegetarian pizza or on Khatchapuri.


Probably the best use for using your home-made Chilli oils is wherever it takes your fancy. Why not consider making spicy mayonnaise, salad dressings or adding it to marinades? Other ideas include frying tomatoes for breakfast, making Shakshuka and roasting stuffed peppers with it.   There are no boundaries where your imagination can take you!

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