Theme evening UK

When it comes to combining spicy food for a theme evening, you can sometimes arrive at some intriguing combinations. Who would have thought of having a curry followed by a pudding? Indeed, it is certainly a fascinating combination that will amaze your family and friends. It definitely will make your dinner party something out of the ordinary and interesting.

Courses for UK theme evening


Corned beef or Jalfrezi?

Fried corn beef, chillies and cheese sandwich

British fusion food

As a consequence of  a rich history of colonialism , traditional British food has been fused with the cuisine of many other countries. This has resulted in some fine cuisine. With a wealth of different possibilities, why not base your next UK theme meal on British fusion food?    Whether the idea is to have a buffet of snacks and finger foods, or a classical sit-down dinner with a starter and dessert, there are plenty of choices

Anglo-Indian theme

Probably the most classical fusion dish in the United Kingdom is Chicken Tikka masala. Chicken Tikka masala is an Anglo-Indian dish with definite links to having been invented in the UK (most probably Scotland). It can be served with other British Asian curries like Jalfrezi, Korma and Vindaloo.

For those brave enough to try it another British Asian classic , Phaal may be considered . This is however not for the faint-hearted. Indeed, it is the hottest curry that the country has to offer , with some recipes calling for  up to twelve Scotch bonnets or Habaneros to be added for pungency

Serve these curries as part of a buffet or individually with Chutneys, rice and Indian bread, like Naan or Roti.  More authenticity can be introduced by serving drinks that a historic link to India, like gin and tonic. Indian pale ale and Chai

Finger food/ snack Buffets

An idea for a finger food/ snack buffet table might include Spicy Scotch eggs, Chilli Jam pork pies, Cheese / Chili melts, and a selection of cheeses with chillies. You will find a great selection of these cheeses online. Samosas could also be included in a meal like this, as well as cold Tandoori chicken.  A good selection of condiments like tomato, Chilli, ginger, chutney, beetroot, and Chilli relish makes good accompaniments to this type of meal.

Starters and desserts

Starters could include Chilli stuffed prawns, spicy pork pies, various spicy salads, terrines with Chillies, fried scallops with Chilli black pudding or spicy potted crab. To finish the meal, desserts like rhubarb and Chilli, chocolate and Chilli cheesecake, ice cream with Chilli flakes or spicy baked pudding with Chillies should be considered.

Sit down main meals

Sit down meals could be spicy fish and chips, chicken with a spicy black pudding filling, haggis with Chillies, spicy roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, spicy steak and kidney pie or bangers and mash with chilli gravy.

In conclusion

The great strides that British chefs have made in making the UK's cuisine as exciting as it is today is something to be celebrated. This is certainly something that you may want to showcase in in your next UK them meal