Theme evening Brazil

Theme evening Brazil. Feijoada

A selection of spicy dishes for your next theme evening with food from Brazil .  If you have more time of your hands,  you could definitely replace the seafood main course with Feijoada. a hearty Brazilian stew with meat, beans and Chillies.  ( you may wish to skip the starter though! )  Either way, though, these are recipes that will have your friends and family asking for more.  Enjoy!


Brazilian theme courses


In this selection for a  theme evening dishes  from Brazil, the meal is started with cheese stuffed Chillies that have been fried  in  breading until crispy . The main course is a spicy  seafood stew with fish, prawns, coconut milk and Chillies. The dessert is grilled pineapple rings that have been sprinkled with Chili flakes

Other Brazilian dishes

Theme evening Brazil. Other ideas

More ideas to consider

The idea for a theme evening above has a luxurious seafood  main course. It is an exceptional dish that  will impress all , especially at a special occasion  The  ingredients, however,  can be pretty expensive, and  certainly cannot be considered every day by any sense of the imagination.

For a less extravagant meal, why not try Coxinhas ( Chicken Croquettes) as a starter; follow that by  Frango Churrasco ( Spicy grilled chicken) and then end with Mousse de chocolate com pimenta  ( chocolate mousse with Chillies)

And how about  Caldo de feijão ( a black bean soup with garlic, onions and  Chillies)? Follow that with Acaraje with Vatapa  and end with  Canjica  (a porridge like dessert made with whole corn kernels, milk, sugar  and non-traditionally, with a sprinkling of Chilli flakes, of course).

Another option could be starting with Abacaxi Picante com Manchego ( spicy cheese and pineapple skewers)  , Dobradihna ( a hot and spicy tripe stew)   as the  main and finishing with  Brigadeiro ( don’t forget to add some Chillies. They go brilliantly with chocolate)).

More mains

Other mains include Vaca Atolada ( thick meat stew made  with beef ribs, tomatoes, onions, cassava, Chillies and garlic and  Mocotó ( a thick stew that African slaves first made with meat offcuts)


These can be ser`ved with side dishes like Farofa (Fried Cassava flour  ), Brazillian collard greens and  Brazilian vinaigrette salad. Another essential accompaniment would be Pão de Queijo ( cassava flour rolls with cheese)


And what would a theme party without serving the favourite beverages of the country?

Caipirinhas are prepared with Cachaca, lime and Sugar. These always go well with sliced chillies  added or alternatively sprinkled with Chilli flakes.

Other drinks to consider are Brazilian wine, Limonada Suíça (Swiss lemonade) and Cajuína (a non-alcoholic drink made with blended cashew apples)

And finally

After all that, why not end the meal with a fine Brazilian coffee. It is some of the best in the world!

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