Theme meals with Chillies

Theme meals with Chillies.

Theme meals with Chillies

Not much can be as much as creating theme meals with Chillies. It you are  having a dinner party and want to do something different, you do not need to look much further .  This section makes it really easy, in that in gives information on a great  theme meal - Spanish Tapas -  and also contains a selection of  spicy courses from individual countries. Some choices that normally go together are included, but there are  also unusual ideas for dishes  that you wouldn't usually think of having together. One thing is for sure; a theme meal with Chillies will really make your party fun, and something that your friends and family will talk about for quite a while.

Theme meals with Chillies by country

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Spanish theme meal

Theme meals with Chillies. Tapas backboard

Spanish tapas theme

It is said the name for  Tapas comes from the Spanish words taper ( to cover ) or tapa (lid). It was the name given to a  practice where bartenders placed a piece of bread and a bit of cheese on top of a glass of wine to keep out flies and dust. While this is not entirely written in stone, it does ( the flies and dust bit excepted) cover what the concept is. Small plates of food  served with drinks

In Spain, virtually every bar serves Tapas. Some bars charge for them, but others will actually give tapas dish on the house as long as you buy drinks. It is part and parcel of Spanish life. Indeed, Tapas are so prevalent in Spain that there is even a word for it. To tapear means going out for  Tapas

If you are thinking of having a theme evening based on Spanish food,  having a Tapas buffet is undoubtedly the way to go. While you probably wouldn’t want all the Tapas to be spicy, there are actually quite a few from which to choose. The Spanish were, after all, the country that started the Chillies journey to what it is today.

Typical tapas dishes


A selection of tapas

In addition to the obligatory non-spicy Tapas like Tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelette), Jamón Ibérico (ham from Iberica) , Croquetas (breaded coquettes made with seafood or vegetables), olives and Manchego cheese, you may want to consider these spicy Tapas dishes

Patatas Bravas (roasted potatoes in a spicy sauce made with peppers, Chillies, passata and garlic). Empanadas (spicy meat pies). Chorizo ( spicy sausage ), Albondigas ( meat balls with a spicy tomato sauce), Pimientos de Padron (fried Padron Chillies), Gambas al Ajillo (prawns with garlic and Chillies) and Pimientos piquillos relleno de bacalao ( piquillo peppers stuffed with cod)

The average Tapas meal will be 3 to 4 dishes per person.  Also, remember that tapas are served in two different ways.  Those served on bread are called ‘tostas’ or pintxos. These are meant for individual consumption.  Tapas that come on a plate or in an earthenware bowl are intended to be shared. These are called raciones

You should also consider adding even more intrigue to the evening by adding some dishes from the Canary islands.

Ideally, your tapes evening would be a combination of the above. You can either make the pintxos for your guests, or let them make their own with the ham, cheese and other ingredients like prawns that you may provide. Other great accompaniments for pintxos would be pickled and stuffed Chillies and anchovies


What to serve with the Tapas

Theme meals with Chillies. Rijsttafel, Seafood
Drinks and  desserts

Nothing will add more to the authenticity of the evening than serving drinks and desserts that would typically be served with Tapas.

Drinks commonly served with Tapas include Sangria (red wine with chopped fruit) , Cerveza ( beer ),  Cava ( sparkling white /rosé   wine) or Spanish cocktails like Rebujito  ( Sherry with lemonade) . Non alcoholic options include Mosto (pressed grape juice), Horchata (sweet milk drink thickened with rice), Blanco y Negro (made with coffee and ice -cream)  and  Leche merengada (made with milk and eggs).

Desserts to consider are  Tarta de Queso (Spanish cheese cake), Torrijas (similar to French toast), Crema Catalana (similar to crème brûlée) and Leche Frita (fried milk)

All served with a Chilli grinder, of course, so that a touch of spiciness can be added!


You will end the meal with some fine Spanish coffee. Coffee is very traditional in Spain and is woven into the very fabric of society; try Café Solo, Café Carajillo or Café Cortados