The best crispy fried chicken

The best crispy breaded chicken

Crispy fried chicken recipe

Who doesn't like crispy fried chicken? When it comes to Chillies and chicken, this dish is always a hit. Be it as something you can hold in your hands while watching a game or movie, or simply as a snack, crispy fried chicken is always really good.

In this recipe, the chicken is brined overnight to make it more succulent. It is then marinated in buttermilk, before being fried in a crispy breading.  For full instructions, click here

A salad that is great with this crispy fried chicken is Spicy Cold Slaw salad. It has all the ingredients that a normal Cold Slaw would have, but the mayonnaise is zested up with Sambal Oelek. Another great salad to have with fried chicken is Chakalaka, a spicy salad from South Africa. Chakalaka is a fantastic blend of baked beans with bell peppers, Chillies and onions. It is super easy to make, but yet super tasty.

One good way to use cold breaded chicken is to shred it, add some salad leaves and a good  Ceaser type salad dressing, and you are rocking.

Top tips for chicken

To make really great tasting chicken with Chillies  the basics need to be taken care of.   These guides on how to marinate chicken and brine chicken will place you in the position to make some of the best spicy chicken you have ever eaten.

Leftover chicken can be used in many ways. Follow our guide to using leftover chicken for some great ideas.