Stuffed Chillies

Stuffed peppers and chillies

A firm favourite

Peppers and Chillies take on a whole different personality when they are stuffed. Here the emphasis changes from it being a spice to more serving the role of a vegetable. This is not to say that the spiciness is lost, but purely that it becomes more incidental to the dish than the actual flavour of the Chilli. Bell peppers, for example, have no capsaicin at all. In terms of piquancy, they are right on the bottom of the Scoville rating scale. As a general rule, the milder ( and larger ) chillies are stuffed.

In this section, we will explore recipes for stuffed peppers and chillies, including the Poblano. Bell pepper, Jalapeno, Anaheim and a whole lot more


Recipes for stuffed peppers and Chillies