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Spicy egg recipe from Mexico

The world of spicy eggs

The world eats a lot of eggs.  Indeed, the annual consumption of eggs runs into the hundreds of billions.  According to the Helgi library the country that consumed the most eggs in 2018 was Kuwait with a per capita consumption of close to 22 kilograms . Khuwait was followed on a per capita basis by Mexico , Japan and China.

Some of the world's largest eggs  producers are also leaders in Chilli production. It stands to reason that you should find that these countries will have lots of spicy egg dishes. Although this is true of some of these countries ( notably India and Mexico), it is not always necessarily so. China and the USA are examples of countries that are among the biggest producers of both, yet are not notably  well-known for their egg dishes wit Chillies.

China is undoubtedly the world’s largest producer of eggs. In 2019, the country produced around 660 billion eggs. China's most notable spicy  dish made with eggs, however, is Century eggs. This dish is made by preserving eggs in clay for a couple of weeks (or longer) until the yolk becomes black. The eggs are served with tiger skin chillies. There are undoubtedly other  egg dishes where Chillies are used  in Chinese cuisine, but they are not particularly well-known

When it comes to spicy egg dishes (as in with Chillies) there are other countries that particularly stand out from the crowd. . These countries have far more ways of making  egg dishes with Chillies .   This is particularly so in countries that are known for their love of spicy food on a national level.

Where are they eaten?


India is probably the country where the most diversity can be found in s  egg recipes. The country produced 105 billion eggs in 2019.  These eggs were used in dishes like Muttai Thokku ( South Indian boiled egg curry), Akoori ( Indian scrambled eggs), Anda Bhurji ( Mumbai style scrambled eggs), Khagina  ( eggs cooked with vegetables), Kohlapuri Egg Curry ( hardboiled eggs cooked in Indian spices and coconut), Spicy Chettinad Egg Roast Curry  ( roasted eggs with coconut), Dim Kosha Duck Egg Curry ( duck eggs in a rich curry gravy ), Kodi Guddu Gasagasala Kura ( boiled eggs in a poppy seed sauce), Deemer Pataudi ( eggs steamed in banana leaves with spices ) and egg Chaat (egg salad)

These are just a few of the  egg dishes found in India. There are many more


Indonesian cuisine has many influences that have shaped its excellent taste. These influences include Indian, Chinese and local Indonesian cuisine. When it comes to spicy egg dishes, you will find these influences in Indonesian recipes. The country uses a great deal of the over 105 billion eggs it produces annually to make some fabulous spicy dishes. These dishes include Rendang Telor ( boiled eggs in a spicy coconut sauce), Sambal Goreng  Telor. ( boiled eggs in a spicy tomato paste),   Telur Belado ( eggs in a Belado sauce)  and Gulai Telur Padang  ( eggs in spicy coconut broth).

You will find many egg recipes in Indonesia that contain ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, Chillies and other typical Indonesian spices. An example of this is Indonesian Chilli fried eggs


Mexico produces in the region of 55 billion eggs per year. Many of these eggs are used to make spicy eggs dishes. These include dishes like  Huevos Rancheros ( Breakfast eggs in a spicy tomato sauce),  Huevos A La Mexicana (Mexican Scrambled Eggs), Huevos Ahogados  ( poached eggs in a tomato/ Jalapeno salsa and , Huevos divorciados (fried eggs in two salsas) . Other examples include Migas (Mexico scrambled egg with crispy tortilla)  and Huevos en escabeche (Mexico pickled eggs).

There are many other recipes where eggs are used to make egg dishes with Chillies in Mexico.


Other notable spicy egg dishes from around the world include Shakshuka ( eggs poached in a spicy sauce base from Israel), Kai Jeow ( Thai style omelette), Nigeran egg stew ( made with eggs, tomatoes, Chillies, onions and other ingredients), Ugandan Rolexes ( spicy egg omelette rolled in a chapatti), African scotch eggs, Devilled eggs from the  USA and Burmese egg curry.

The list goes on! Enjoy!