Spicy desserts with Chillies

Spicy desserts with Chillies

Spicy desserts with Chillies are a secret known only to a select few. That they  add a unique dimension to dessert making  is a secret that many chefs are not happy to share. Doing so would reveal something that has been known in foodie circles for a long time. Chillies in desserts are absolute winners! Be it a combination of chocolate and chilli or vanilla ice cream with a sprinkling of chilli flakes; the result is absolutely fantastic. Join the inner circle of those in the know today!

Recipes for spicy desserts

Chocolate & Chilli ice cream
Chocolate & Chilli Cheesecake
Chocolate and Chilli mousse

Chocolates and Chillies

Spicy desserts with Chillies

The history of chocolate and Chillies

The combination of chocolate and Chillies is always a hit.  It is used to make some great spicy desserts with chillies, chocolate bars, sauces and drinks.  Some  would think  this was a modern invention ! Wrong, I am afraid; the combination goes way back thousands of years ago.

Originally, the Mayans and eventually the  Aztecs from Central America made a spicy drink by mixing chocolate and chillies called xocolātl ( spicy water). Fermented  cocoa, vanilla, annatto, honey and Chillies were mixed  with water to make a spicy, bitter drink that was frothy and thick.

Both cocoa and chillies were held in high esteem by the Mesoamericans. So much so that they used them as currency. They also loved using them in much of their cooking. Chillies, in particular, were used in virtually all their dishes.

Typical Aztec foods included tamales and tortillas served with spicy sauces. Other dishes were made with squashes, beans, and vegetables. They were mainly vegetarian, but would eat fish, duck, turkey, deer and other meats (including frogs, salamanders and iguana)  when they were available. All, of course, would be spiced with their favourite spice – Chillies

In keeping with the past, modern day Mexican cooking has lots of dishes, both sweet and savoury, where chocolate and Chillies are combined. Among these are Spicy Mexican truffles Spicy Mexican brownies and  Mexican Chicken Mole

Buen provecho !