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Its past has influenced South African cuisine. On the one hand, you have the ever-present barbeques ( or braais as they are called there ), on the other Durban curry and samoosas. Braaing is thought to have originated in South Africa, whereas the Durban curry and samoosas that came to be what they are from recipes that were brought there  from India. You will also find dishes like Babotie, which came from Malaysia and Chakalaka from local South African cuisine.  These all contain one essential ingredient . Join me in exploring South African cooking with Chillies.

Recipes for South African cooking

Chilli Bites
Durban curry

Biltong and droëwors

Firm Favourites

Mention biltong or droëwors , and anyone in the know will tell you are speaking about South Africa. These are as South African as it gets.  They are quintessentially South African. A definite part of the culture

Biltong, however, deserves special mention. This dried meat with spices is a snack that most South Africans can’t get enough of. It is something South Africans get introduced to when they are young. It remains a love affair for life.

Being a South African myself, I understand why.  Well-made biltong that is not too dry with just the right amount of fat is to die. Imagine soft, moist dried meat with a touch of salt, coriander, pepper, vinegar and maybe some cloves, and you are starting to get the picture

Granted, biltong seems  to be an acquired taste. I have friends and family in the United Kingdom who have tasted it and are not impressed. It appears you have to have grown up with it appreciate it immediately.  It does however appear that it doesn’t take long to become a fan. I have British friends that  lived in South Africa. They have returned to the UK, and one of the things they say they miss the most is Biltong.

Droëwors ( dried sausage) is what its name says it is. Beef or lamb sausages with spices are air-dried to make great-tasting snacks. It can be either made with thick or thin sausage casings. Its spicing is similar to Boerewors and sometimes includes Chillies

In line with thin droe-wors, thin sticks of biltong are made with Chillies. They are called Chill s sticks. Chilli sticks make eating biltong easy. They do not need to be cut before eating; you can start chewing on a Chilli stick from the moment it gets out