Rijsttafel theme meal with Chillies

Looking for a great idea for a theme meal with Chillies?  A Rijsttafel   has to be one of the best . It gets its name from a word from the Dutch language  of the Netherlands, which translated,  means "Rice Table" . Rijsttafel  refers to a meal where many small portions ( from a variety of side plates)  are served together with rice in one sitting.  The Rijsttafel has its origins in the Netherlands colonial history in Indonesia.  It, however  not a tradition that the Dutch found there, but was  rather their own invention . It  served as a way of showcasing to their friends  and being able to eat themselves  the  wide selection of food that  Indonesia had to offer

The Rijsttafel was brought back to the Netherlands after its colonial rule of Indonesia came to an end. It is still widely enjoyed in the Netherlands   ( particularly amongst these with colonial roots). It  has, however, virtually disappeared from Indonesia, except for a few fine dining  restaurants  catering towards the tourist trade.

A Rijsttafel can have as many as forty side dishes that are served with rice. Guests help themselves to rice, which they place in the centre of their plate. They will then surround the rice with small portions of the accompanying dishes.  The guests eat each portion  separately, with rice being the only common ingredient  .  The individual dishes never get mixed. Guest return to the Rijsttafel buffet as often as they like,  for second and third ( maybe even more! ) helpings.

A typical Rijsttafel


How many dishes?

A typical Rijstfafel will consist of between 12 and 25 dishes. Thats a whole lot of cooking. Luckily a lot can be done in advance, like making satay sauce and curries. Curries like Rendang freeze well. Rijsttafels include many dishes where Chillies used, but it is not necessarily so that all of them will be spicy. This post covers only the spicy dishes that may be included in a Rijstafel, but by following this link, more information can be found on all the dishes that can be more commonly found at  a  Rijsttafel

Let's explore one of the best theme meals with Chillies.

Rijsttafel meat & poultry dishes