Low Carb with the Chilli

Low carb diet with chillies

Curbing appetite

Besides being low carb in themselves, a study has shown that eating Chillies actually curbs your appetite and helps burn calories. Combining Chillies with popular Keto and Banting diets ingredients like eggs results in fantastic low carb meals like devilled eggs, shakshuka and omelettes. When you consider how well they go with ingredients like avocados and cauliflower (as very much as a start), the list becomes endless.

In this section, we explore a selection of carb friendly recipes with Chillies. Enjoy!

Recipes for low carb meals

Peri Peri chicken
Babotie - South Africa
Shakshuka - Israel
Chicken Satay
Ceviche – Peru
Prawn stuffed Chillies

Chillies in a low carb diet

How to use chillies on low carb diet

Improve your diet with Chillies

Using chillies in a low carb diet makes a lot of sense.  Not only are they carb friendly, add flavour to food, but they have also been proved to be a natural appetite suppressant

One of the principles behind the diet is that when you eat fewer carbohydrates, your body goes into Ketosis. Ketosis results in the body burning stored fat instead of the sugars found in carbohydrates for its nourishment. This burning of body fat results in weight loss

When in Ketosis, hunger is not experienced because the body is being nourished by its use of body fat as a fuel source. With research showing Chillies is an appetite suppressant, why not combine the two effects for a greater chance of success!

A definite no-no for a low carb diet is bread ( or anything else for that matter) made with wheat.  This, however, is no great stumbling block, because some delicious bread can be made with nut flours.  When chillies are added to this bread, you get a spicy loaf with loads of flavour. Adding other ingredients like cheese, like in our  Chilli, cheese and onion bread makes it even better

Eggs are absolute stars when it comes to what can be eaten on a low carb diet. Combining eggs with chillies is something that works exceptionally well. Be it spicy omelettes, egg curries, or brunch meals like the Ugandan Rolex, eggs and Chillies are perfect partners.  Other examples of Chilli and egg combinations with a low carb count include deviled eggs, Shakshuka and Huevos Rancheros

When it comes to stuffed Chillies, there are plenty of low carb options.  Chillies or Bell peppers can be stuffed with various fillings, including cheese and seafood.  Chiles Rellenos,  (Chillies stuffed with cheese and then fried in an egg white batter), only have 3,8 grams of carbs per 100g. Similarly, Jalapeno poppers ( jalapenos stuffed cheese and wrapped in bacon ) just have 2 grams of carbs for an 85-gram portion

Many more recipes with meat, seafood, cheese and other ingredients  can be found on this site