Gluten free cooking with Chillies

Gluten free cooking with Chillies

The coeliacs friend

Gluten-free cooking is made easier with the Chilli. With many store-bought spices bearing the " made in a factory" catch-all, Coeliacs often find it challenging to buy gluten-free products. Being a pure spice, the Chilli is the friend of the gluten intolerant. Nothing is more comfortable than using a grinder for dried Chillies or adding fresh Chillies to home cooking. It adds a lovely flavour and a great taste sensation without the risks of cross-contamination and other hazards of pre-packaged spices.

The following are a selection of gluten-free recipes approved by my wonderful wife (who was diagnosed as a coeliac many years ago). We hope you will find our recipes a great addition to making your gluten-free cooking fantastic!

Spicy gluten free recipes

Peri peri chicken
Lamb Vepadu - India
Pollo ala Brasa- Peru
Hünkar Beğendi - Turkey
Tom Yum Goong ต้มยำกุ้ง - Thailand
Kimchi- Korea