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Chillies  are  perfect for dietary preferences  and healthy living. Be your dietary preference  gluten-free, vegetarian or carb friendly - Chillies will make your diet easier . Coeliacs ( with an intolerance for gluten) , for example,, find Chillies particularly useful. They can use them without fear of the " made in a factory"  disclaimer that is often found on other packaged spices.   Simuilarly. Those on vegetarian and low carb diets enjoy chillies as not only can they be eaten as a carb friendly vegetable but can also be used  to spice up recipes for these diets. A  shared benefit for all is that Chillies are also extremely useful in weight control.

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Using Chillies for weight control

Dietary preference. Using Chillies for weight control

How do Chillies control weight?

Irrespective of any dietary preference, Chillies offer something that most find beneficial. Consuming them is a way to control weight. Chillies contain a compound (capsaicin) that  boosts metabolism and increased calorie consumption. Both of these can offer weight control benefits

When we eat or drink anything that contains Chillis, weight control is promoted in two ways:


Capsaicin ( the stuff that creates the burning sensation) is known to be thermogenic.  These compounds may help increase metabolism by thermogenesis, a process by which the body burns calories to produce heat. Athletes use Thermogenics [Source: Wikipedia]  to increase their basal metabolic rate (BMR). A BMR is the rate at which the metabolises food to fuel its everyday functions, like breathing, keeping warm, etc. By increasing this, more calories get burnt, which helps promote weight loss.

Appetite suppression

Capsaicin is also known to be a natural appetite suppressant. It is believed that adding just half a teaspoon of a strong Chilli powder (which some say Cayenne powder to be   the best)  to a meal can significantly reduce feelings of hunger. It thought capsaicin acts on reducing hunger signals to the brain. In doing so, the need to eat is made less

In conclusion

So besides being a great way to add flavour to our foods, besides being beneficial to our health in other ways, Chillies are also a way to keep our weight in check naturally