Chicken rub with Chillies

Chicken rub with chillies
Recipe type: Powders, rubs and flakes
Cuisine: International
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Great tasting chicken rub that adds amazing taste to grilled, roasted or barbequed chicken, Rub the chicken and then allow it to rest for about 3o minutes before cooking. Be careful to ensure that the temperature you are cooking at is not too high because the sugar in the recipe may cause burning. You are looking to caramelise as opposed to blacken!
  • Chilli powder – two tablespoons ( see note)
  • Kosher Salt – 4 tablespoons
  • Black pepper – 4 teaspoons
  • Garlic powder- 2 teaspoons
  • Onion powder – 2 teaspoons
  • Celery salt – one teaspoon
  • Paprika – four tablespoons
  • Brown sugar – three tablespoons
  • Thyme – one teaspoon
  1. Combine all the ingredient in a mixing bowl. Mix well
  2. Use what is required for your current dish and store the rest in an airtight bottle
  3. Allow to rest on chicken, meat or fish after coating for about 30 minutes before beginning grilling, roasting or barbequing
This Recipe is based on a reasonably hot Cayenne strength chilli powder. If you want a softer taste, use a milder chilli powder. If you like it hot, Habanero or Scotch bonnet chilli powders will do an excellent job!

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