Breakfast dishes with Chillies

Breakfast is a meal that is eaten every day across the world. And while some countries and regions might share similarities in what is eaten, when drawing comparisons, it is absolutely staggering how this morning meal can vary from region to region.

Where the English and Americans might eat bacon and eggs, in India, you will find flatbreads served with spicy sauces,  in China - rice Congee and spicy omelettes in Thailand.  Where previously it was not uncommon for spicy foods to eaten for breakfast in the Far East , it is only now that the West is beginning to catch on. Now it is not unheard of that dishes like Shakshuka, Huevos Rancheros, spicy hash browns, Chorizo and eggs and spicy avocado toasts to be found across breakfast menus in homes and cafes in this part of the world.


Shakshuka- Isreal
Spicy omelette - UK
Spicy corn fritters - New Zealand
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