Recipes from around the globe

You would find it hard to find a country in the world that does not use the Chilli in at least a portion of their cuisine. Okay, some countries are bigger fans than others but still it is amazing how the Chilli started off in South America and has now found its way into just about every single continent of the world (except perhaps Antarctica). In this section, we hope to provide recipes from every country in the world where Chillies are used. If you want to contribute a recipe from your country, please let us know. We would love to hear from you

Peri peri chicken - Portugal
Hünkar Beğendi - Turkey
Pollo ala Brasa- Peru
Tom Yum Goong ต้มยำกุ้ง - Thailand
Albondigas - Spain
Chilli Chicken - China
Spicy shrimp gumbo - USA
Bulgogi- Korea
Beef Chili- USA
Chakalaka - South Africa
Lamb Vepadu - India
Jerk chicken - Jamaica
Chicken wings - Australia
Chiles Rellenos - Mexico
Kimchi - Korea
Spicy fritters - New Zealand
Moqueca de peixe – Brazil
Kadai Paneer - India
Chicken Satay - Indonesia
Shahi Aloo Curry – India
Vatapa - Brazil
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