Chillies in oil

In the past, without refrigeration, people had to find a method of preserving the fresh Chillies that they harvested during the growing season. Using oil ( particularly olive oil) proved an excellent means of doing just that. It acts as a natural preservative that prevents spoilage and oxidation by isolating the Chillies from the damaging effects of air. Today we may have many other alternatives to avoid spoilage, but there is still significant interest in using the methods of the past. The outstanding depth of flavour that can be achieved by using this technique has meant that it has stood the test of time. In these recipes not only does the oil operate as the preservation medium but by becoming infused with the great flavour of Chilli turns into a star of the show in itself. Indeed a great act and a winning combination. Enjoy!

Preserving Chillies in oil
Making Chilli oils
Chilli pickles with oil
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