Making sausages with Chillies

The name sausage comes from the Latin " salsicus", which means salted. This is derived from the fact that in those times - as it remains today - sausages were salted to preserve them. When considering that Chilli -because of its antibacterial properties is also a preservative - it should be no surprise that they found each other in a wonderful combination. From the spicy Chorizo of Mexico to the Shang tang from Taiwan you will find the pungency and flavour of the Chilli enhancing sausages all over the world. The following is a collection of recipes from around the globe that have our favourite spice as an ingredient. Happy making!

Chorizo- Spain
Spicy Italian sausage - Italy
Boerewors- South africa
Goan Sausage- India
Merguez- Morroco
Sucuk - Turkey
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