Making hot sauce, pastes and relishes

The popularity of hot sauces, Chilli pastes and relishes is growing exponentially around the world. Only twenty years ago, only well-known brands could be found in most supermarkets and some speciality stores. Today they are virtually everywhere. Be it sweet Chilli sauce, Peri-Peri paste, Sriracha or Ajvar relish, hot sauces, relishes and chilli pastes hot sauces are steadily becoming more and more popular.

While store-bought choices have their place, the outstanding ones are those that are made at home. If you think that making these products is difficult to do, nothing can be further from the truth. By just following a couple of simple steps. In no time at all, you will have madeĀ  great tasting Chilli sauces, relishes and pastes. What's more. it will be at a fraction of what you would typically pay from a store


Pindjur -Bulgaria
Basic hot sauce
Portuguese Peri Peri Sauce
Adjika - Georgia
Thai sweet chilli sauce
Ajvar - North Macedonia
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